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3D images of your plans can help with the design process and give you, the client, an insight into how everything comes together

Colour is around us every day - and it affects us - we just don't realise it. 

Make your home or project a true reflection of who you are - not just a repeat of a current trend. 

The right furniture and decor can make or break a project. I can supply these directly from NZ's largest and most exclusive importers and manufacturers.


I have had a long career in the fashion industry, a lifelong interest in and passion for architecture, fine art, antiques and colour. I have built my own home, and I have been involved in renovations, interior decoration and design over many and varied projects to date.

My background in the fashion industry has given me a thorough grounding in the aspects of proportion, colour and tone and how individual elements relate to each other and 'work' together.

Whether your project is interior or exterior, residential, commercial or in the education sector, I offer an unrivalled professional service and expertise that guarantees a successful outcome.

From working out the basics of the initial colour palette, right up to the finishing touches in furniture and art selection you will get professional service from start to finish.

We can either work together and I'll keep you involved, or I can work behind the scenes and wow you with the result - it's up to you. 

Looking forward to meeting you - please ring me, or email to make an appointment.


Elizabeth Karam
027 275 9779

Client Review

This is AMAZING!!!
Well done, oh my gosh I'm so thankful you have looked at this!!
I spoke to our builder on the way home tonight about this, who will contact council to discuss amendments in the morning & will contact the draftsman in the morning also.
Will let you know how we get on.
Feeling so relieved and excited about these changes, thank you!!!😀
(current client building in St Kilda, Cambridge)



I am very pleased and excited to announce that I am now working with Jacqueline and Greg at Platinum Homes Waikato - for amazing quality homes, exceptional management of your build and a fabulous result for you at the end - Platinum Homes Waikato are the people to see.